Fixed deposits update for December 2021

What happened over the last month?

I wrote a long-awaited TymeBank review. I am a client; but have struggled to understand their entire offer. It took me far longer than I expected to understand their complete offer. Specifically, the bonus. I dig into a few things in this review. What is TymeBank GoalSave? How do I set up my goals? How is the bonus calculated? Is it worth it? (PS special thanks to a reader of this blog for sharing his calculations)

You can check out the TymeBank review here.

Here are how interest rates have changed...

SA Retail bonds surge further ahead in the rankings. They have increased their rates for their fixed 5-year offering by a further 0.25%. Retail bonds are now close to offering 10% effective annual rate. It remains a great offer and the best interest rate you can get in the country at the moment. AfricanBank is also back in the mix. The 5-year rate is now back above 9%.

Have a great December

Cheers Walter